About Us Ninjas

SMACK-FU is a martial arts inspired mash-up sport that uses a uniquely engineered shuttlecock

designed for aerial game play with the hand.

Legend has it…..

Kickitus Flippicus didn’t like the mainstream sports his cousin Niketus played;

Chariot racing, lion taming and running till you died were all very popular
because there was no text messaging or breakdancing.

Kickictus preferred to hang out with his friends; Discuss global warming and the grumpy gods.

But above all his life goal was to have lots and lots of fun.

One day Kickitus was hanging out watching his cousin, Smackitus Thaticus slave over the stove.

“There’s nothing to do!” he thinks to himself as his eyes catch a piece of wood with a feather stuck in it.

Kickitus thought it would be funny to throw it at his cousin. So he fires it off at her noggin.

Smackitus Thaticus sees it coming and slaps the feathered piece back to Kickitus.

Kickitus slaps the piece back, Smackitus forgets about her cooking and runs to smack the piece back to Kickitus. Soon, a small circle

formed with villagers smacking and kicking this thing all around.

Great joy was found in Greece that day….
Then Pompeii blew its top and old man Zeus released the Kraken

True story.



 Smack Fu NYC™ 2018

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